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Blood Drive Cookies

cookies1This is a piece I did one afternoon for my mom. She needed a flyer for a Red Cross blood drive that was happening in town, to give out to the members at church. Usually, very little words are given and a lot of freedom to design is given, but one has to keep in mind that the design has to look good printed and then copied. Usually, keep in mind saving paper. I like these challenges because of the parameters of the design, but also the freedom of the design. First I start with thinking about what is most important in the design what needs to be communicated so that the action is accomplished. In this case, bring cookies to the to the building on Wednesday. For the target audience, I felt it was more important to say don’t forget them than where they were going, that is why I structured the ad with the emphasis being on “Cookies Don’t Forget”. Also, I think a visual is very important here I chose an illustrated free clip art type of chocolate chip cookie that would look good no matter how many times it was printed.  Then when laying out the type on this piece even though words are big and bold still some words need more punch so I chose to put the bar along that top half and put the “Don’t Forget”  inside. This separates it from the cookie part but doesn’t take away the importance and also gives Cookies something to sit on and balance. Then I had to make the illustration big enough to balance out the top bar but not overpower it. Also, something I notice in other flyers is a lot of times borders are thought to be needed but most of the time it creates a pice that is too confined. Well, there are some of my thought for creating a simple flyer.


Well my next one I thought was fairly amusing, sometimes you just never know who is going to use a pig. Pigs in advertising are used fairly often for selling lots of different products. The Geico commercials, anything to do with pork and bacon, but how about selling products face care products to women. Probably don’t think of pigs being used as much.

This is a product sold here in Korea along with many other face-mask and face care products. This one uses a pig to represent what happens. Is that the best choice to reach the target market ?


Pig advertising a woman's face care product.

Pig advertising a woman’s face care product.

The product removes blackheads from the nose, in 3 easy steps. The drawing of the pig, shows how they are unwanted, then the next drawing shows the blackheads popping out then for step 3 the nose is clean. Also with the 3 easy steps there is a small drawing on the left show what is happing with the skin and blackheads in the 3 steps that correspond with the pig.

Overall, I think the product is advertised well, especially because I can understand what is happening without being able to read it. So the product is communicating the correct information. I am just not sure, at first glance…would woman be  draw in…what woman wants a pig to be representing her face…