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Herb Tea Packaging

Herb tea packagingHere are some Herb tea packaging that I liked in Korea. I think the color choices and choice of containers are what sets this design apart. First I think the colors suit the herbs that are chosen for the tea. Sometimes I think designers try to be “too creative” with the colors and it ends up being confusing, instead of refreshing.  Second I think the glass bottles are nice for seeing what herb tea you are buying. It is important to know what the herbs look like…are they clean looking, do they seem crushed etc. So when looking at an overall design I think these bottles are a clean and simple design for Herb tea.herbtea1


cake packaging

dragon face cakelogo

This is a type of cake that can be bought here in Korea. This cake taste like a pound cake and a yellow cake mixed together, then whipped cream is put on top as you eat it. I like look of this cake box. The logo has a very strong feel to it that doesn’t seem so much like what a cake box would look like. Also the logo is stamped in to the cake which is a nice touch. Overall, I like the look of the packaging, but the box even thought it is simply done it is a 4 color print job. The box is printed white, which is nice for a cake box because they are serving food. However, I think that with some simple modifications could be made to make it a 2 or 3 color print job. First, with the box overall white, the red could be added to the print the logo and be a 2 color piece. Then for a 3 color piece, the box is printed white white then the red and yellow add in the same way but taking away the black used for the text. This is an easy way I think the design could be simplified to be less expensive to make.

Christmas packaging

Here is an example of Christmas packaging here in Korea. I think it is great. I bought this cup at a coffee shop, called Holly’s Coffee. First, they start with a box then the box is put in a cloth bag, then the bag is put in a paper bag and it is ready to go. I like the packaging of items here in Korea over all it is nice to have things wrap up so well for whatever I chose to do with them. Also as in this example and in others I have observed here, the different pieces that complete the whole package all tie together in one way or another. In these piece the logo is represented on each of the packages in a variety of ways. Color, repeating pattern and isolation. So the texture of the different packages all have a different feel to them. The box having a glossy feel. Then the cloth bag having a smooth weave with the ribbon added. Next the paper bag with a rougher polished finish. All of these work well together to complete the overall look.

Holly's Coffee Holly's Coffee logo

tea packaging

Here is some tea packaging that reminds me of some projects that I did in undergrad. I did a Celyon tea packaging label with a hand drawn dragon as the main logo. This tea caught my eye because of the Celyon name is the same. This tea packaging I thought was elegant making the tea look more expensive than it really is. I like how the design on the box is plant like but geometric at the same time, tying in the two bold colors on each design. Then it has the black background and white lettering to unify the the design across the boxes of tea. Also the lines vary in thickness. I think this is what gives the design a more natural an earthy feel over all.

Tea packaging that is inexpensive but on the elegant side

Tea packaging


Well my next one I thought was fairly amusing, sometimes you just never know who is going to use a pig. Pigs in advertising are used fairly often for selling lots of different products. The Geico commercials, anything to do with pork and bacon, but how about selling products face care products to women. Probably don’t think of pigs being used as much.

This is a product sold here in Korea along with many other face-mask and face care products. This one uses a pig to represent what happens. Is that the best choice to reach the target market ?


Pig advertising a woman's face care product.

Pig advertising a woman’s face care product.

The product removes blackheads from the nose, in 3 easy steps. The drawing of the pig, shows how they are unwanted, then the next drawing shows the blackheads popping out then for step 3 the nose is clean. Also with the 3 easy steps there is a small drawing on the left show what is happing with the skin and blackheads in the 3 steps that correspond with the pig.

Overall, I think the product is advertised well, especially because I can understand what is happening without being able to read it. So the product is communicating the correct information. I am just not sure, at first glance…would woman be  draw in…what woman wants a pig to be representing her face…