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 Hot Dog Repurposed Grill

Here is my work that I did over the summer, and was part of the faculty show in October. I called the piece “Hot Dog”.

I have always been one to not waste things. Maybe even as far as keeping to many things. I think there is possibilities in lots of items that have seemingly lost there usefulness. They are just waiting to be discovered.

This project started this summer in Montana, when I found an old grill and being funny put my dog Lucky inside. Then I thought why couldn’t it be a kennel with some circulation holes and paint this could look good. Later cut down the legs so that the dog could just jump in. I wanted the wheels on so I could roll the kennel around to wherever I was and the dog could be there too. At present this repurposed grill is in my work office so when I bring my dog in she has a place to be.

Hot Dog, Repurposed Grill 2014

Hot Dog, Repurposed Grill 2014