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cake packaging

dragon face cakelogo

This is a type of cake that can be bought here in Korea. This cake taste like a pound cake and a yellow cake mixed together, then whipped cream is put on top as you eat it. I like look of this cake box. The logo has a very strong feel to it that doesn’t seem so much like what a cake box would look like. Also the logo is stamped in to the cake which is a nice touch. Overall, I like the look of the packaging, but the box even thought it is simply done it is a 4 color print job. The box is printed white, which is nice for a cake box because they are serving food. However, I think that with some simple modifications could be made to make it a 2 or 3 color print job. First, with the box overall white, the red could be added to the print the logo and be a 2 color piece. Then for a 3┬ácolor piece, the box is printed white white then the red and yellow add in the same way but taking away the black used for the text. This is an easy way I think the design could be simplified to be less expensive to make.