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Coffee Packaging problem…?

IMG_4428I was at the local grocery store in Texas and saw this packaging display on the shelf. Texas is a big place, and the coffee packaging is catering to cities and items that Texas is known for.

Overall, I think the feel and look of the design is communicated well, but why did they choose to create the two different packaging boxes the same color? This is very confusing for the target market and for me. At first, I thought it was just the same box displayed twice; then I thought it was the same box displayed twice but just turned to a different side of the same packaging, but no. These are two different kinds of coffee, one being Taste of San Antonio, Medium-bodied cinnamon, chocolate and vanilla flavors. Then the other being Houston Blend, Medium-bodied with pecan praline and coconut flavors. These are two different coffees with the same color being used to sell both. Not sure why this would be done, is it an oversite… a misprint of colors…? Not sure, but for the average consumer this is a mistake waiting to happen, consumers will think it is the same kind of coffee and also when the customer comes back wanting more it creates confusion and misunderstanding. The person will buy the product and be happy. Then when they go to get more, the possibility of getting the wrong one high, then creating a bad user experience association for the brand, causing the customer to not want to buy that product again. When creating packaging, think about the end display and product along with each individual packaging item.

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