Energy drink bottles

IMG_4613At first, I thought it was a cleaner of some sort…then I thought it was an air freshner….but it turned out to be an energy drink… Neuro is an energy drink in grocery/merchandise store here in the local area. This drink specializes in the purpose of why you would need an “energy” drink.  Do you need to sleep, feel better etc, just pick the right kind. The product is presented in the snack sections with its own point of purchase display case.

I am sure marketing and studies were done on the shape and target audience for this drink, but in this case, I think it is a miss for the target shape. I think it has to do with the shape of the bottles, not the colors, even though they contribute to the confusion. In looking at closely I think it is the cap of the drink that is the problem with a regular bottle cap, like on a pop bottle, I think it would look more like an energy drink. With a change to the cap, I think the rest of the product could be saved and the same point of purchase rack could be used. Is this all it needs not sure but it is what I would start with for the design phase.