peacock peacock peacock’s feathers

one of the images in the book that gave me trouble was the peacock. How to depicted it. The whole bird, should it be in color should it be just a feather? I went through several rounds of different images for this page in the book.

The first peacock image, I like the original photo but it didn’t translate as well to linocut. See image 1. All the shapes and colors, just didn’t work. The image wasn’t total clear what it was, especially the the non-color versions. See image 4. The second image I thought two feathers would be able to communicate the peacock. See image 2. Again I didn’t like how it turned out. The image wasn’t an easy read. So I was on to round three, see image 3. I chose to do one feather with colored cloth. This one was a success. The image is easily recognizable, and clearly communicates a peacock. This is what I wanted for the book.