Now that I have completed the images for the book. I am working on the words.

I started by choosing a font that I thought fit with the images from the linocut. Bodoni is an old font and I think it fits with the style of the images. See image 1. Still Bodoni seemed a little to clean cut to fit with the images. So I decided to do a hand drawn version type loosely based on Bodoni. See images 2. & 3. Once all the type was drawn out, I scanned it in to the computer. See image 4. Then I  laid it out again in InDesign. I wanted to see how the hand drawn type would look with the images and to make sure of the sizing. See image 5. Finally I am ready to transfer the image to the linocut. I flipped the image in photoshop, and printed it. See image 6. Now it is ready to trace on to the linocut block. In the same manner as the images I spread with charcoal stick, charcoal on to the back of the paper and trace the type on to the linocut block. then carve out, ink up and print.

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