ordinary to handcrafted

Well I was trying out lino-cut hand printing at my house to see how well it would work. In my past projects I have printed on press, so I wanted to see how well it would work without a press. Also I wanted to take something ordinary and create something that was one of a kind.

I have already carved out my lino-cut block prints and they are ready to go. First of all I layout my ink on my glass coffee table and roll out the ink with my roller. See image 1. Then I ink up my lino-cut blocks See image 2. I have the designed carved into the blocks, the ink sits on the surface of the block and shows up black the gold color is the color of the lino-cut and it will be the color of whatever paper or printing material I use. I am using tissues to print on for several reason. First, I want to see how well they will hold up to hand printing with it tear? will it stick? Second, I think tissues are boring lets change them up a bit. I take the tissue out of the box, straighten it out and lay it across the lino-cut block in front of me. Then I take another piece of paper and lay it down over the top to protect the tissue. Then I use a bank statement or a credit card statement, that I have never opened, whatever is in the paper scrape pile and put it over the top. The I press the paper down and rub my hand gently across the whole surface in a circular motion. Then I pull up the scrape paper, and carefully pull up the tissue. yeah! It worked. See image 3. I printed on several more object just see how it would work. I think the best one was the post-it notes see image 4 and 5.

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