Sample Syllabus and Sample project

Coffee Packaging

Coffee Packaging

AR 455 Packaging Design

TR 8:20 AM-10:50 AM


Tennille Paden

Assistant Professor of Art

office# 318-487-7435

WFAB 207


Course Description:

An advanced course in Visual Communication focusing on the design of commercial packaging and branding.

Prerequisite: AR 251. Credit three hours. (Fee $100)

Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Students will be able to demonstrate an individual approach to design and visual aesthetics.
  2. Students will be able to demonstrate an ability to create professional package design
  3. Students will be able to demonstrate an ability to use type at an advanced level

Required Text and Materials:

  • USB storage drive (at least 2GB)
  • Sketch Book (9 by 12)
  • X-acto Knife
  • Presentation board
  • Double sided tape
  • Tracing paper
  • Metal ruler
  • Eraser
  • Digital Camera


Class attendance is mandatory. It is important that you are in class and on time for every scheduled class period in order to achieve success in the course. Each unexcused absence beyond 3 will result in your final grade for the semester being dropped one letter grade. NO late work will be accepted without an *excused absence.

Excused Absences:

An excused absence is defined as those absences that occur as a result of authorized college activities, death in the immediate family, and/or documented personal illness.

Make-up work:

It is the responsibility of the student to contact the instructor of the class concerning any work that may have been missed due to excused absence. This should be taken care of before or after class, and should not interfere with the proceedings of the class. The instructor will choose the time for any make-up work, and it the student’s responsibility to make arrangements to meet at that time. Any make-up work not completed within ten days of the class in which it was missed will not be accepted and will count as a 0.


In the Department of Visual Art a tardy is defined as being more than 5 minutes late for class or leaving before the instructor has dismissed the class. Tardies are taken very seriously as they affect not only your own performance, but are also a distraction to the rest of the class. Therefore, after the third tardy, each additional tardy will be counted as an absence in the class.

Grading Scale:

A 100-90%, B 89-80%, C 79-70%, D 69-60%, F 59-0%


This course has the following graded requirements: projects, quizzes, critiques.

Each project will be graded according to concept, execution, and workmanship.

  • Concept – How unique, well-developed, & appropriate is the idea communicated by the piece?
  • Execution – Has the student used the design, composition, integration of type and imagery, and craftsmanship to create a quality finished product.
  • Workmanship – Has the student shown a professional attitude and diligent work ethic during the completion of the project, including coming to class on time and prepared, working the entire class time, as well as outside of class when necessary. Absences will count against the workmanship portion of the grade.

Projects are due at the beginning of the class in which they are due, unless otherwise stated.

Any project that is not turned in on time will receive a 0.

Break down of evaluation of project based on 150 points.

  • Sketches and thumbnails 25pts
  • Computer rough 25pts
  • Printed comp 25pts
  • Final 50pts

Class Preparation:

It is essential that students are prepared for each scheduled class meeting. Coming to class prepared includes having all appropriate materials, as well as having done all preparatory work for the class. Appropriate materials may include books, paper to take notes, pen or pencil, art supplies, etc. Preparatory work includes reading assigned chapters before the class, having ideas for any projects that will be worked on during class, having any preparatory studies, thumbnails, etc. that may have been assigned by the instructor. Coming to class unprepared wastes the valuable time for in-class instruction. Therefore, if the instructor deems that a student has not properly prepared for the class, that student will receive an absence for the day.

DO NOT ARRIVE LATE TO CRITIQUES. Be in the classroom in time to set up your work prior to the start of critique. You will be counted absent and your work will not be accepted for critiqued if you are late.

In Class assignments: Course work that will be completed in class and will only be available to be completed in class to receive credit.

Outside Classwork: It is expected that students must work outside of class in order to achieve full success within each course. Students are expected to spend at least four hours outside of class each week working on class material. For lecture classes, this includes, but is not limited to reading, taking notes, reviewing information after class. For studio classes, this includes, but is not limited to research, developing thumbnails and preparatory studies, and working diligently on class assignments.

Plagiarism Policy:

All students are expected to follow the “Code of Academic Integrity” stated in the Louisiana College Catalog and elaborated in the Student Handbook. Although the research of pertinent visual images and techniques is essential to the creation of artwork, blatant copying of ideas or images will not be tolerated.

If you have questions about the policy, please consult the instructor.

Students with Disabilities:

A student who has a disability that qualifies under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and who desires modifications or accommodations should contact the director of the Program to Assist Student Success (PASS) for information and guidance. The telephone number to this office is 487-7629.

Electronic Devices:

Class time is considered valuable and distraction from class instruction will not be tolerated. Therefore, electronic devices such as cellphones, pagers, mp3 players, tablets, and laptops will not be used in class unless their use is relevant to the course work and allowed by the instructor of the class. Use headphones to listen to music.

Course Outline*

8/26 Class Introduction,

8/28 Presentation, Store packaging and branding Project bottle redesign

9/02 Work on Project

9/04 Work on Project

9/09 Work on Project

9/11 Critique Project / Assign Project

9/16 Presentation Work on Project packaging series

9/18 Work on Project packaging series

9/23 Critique packaging series / Assign Project Coffee and Tea Packaging

9/25 Work on Coffee and Tea Packaging

9/30 Work on Coffee and Tea Packaging

10/02 Work on Coffee and Tea Packaging

10/07 Fall Holiday, No Classes

10/09 Critique Project Coffee and Tea Packaging

10/14 Assign Project old, new, retro

10/16 Work on Project

10/21 Work on Project

10/23 Work on Project

10/28 Work on Project

10/30 Critique Project / Assign Project foot wear

11/04 work on Project

11/06 Work on Project

11/11 Assign project, Packaging

11/13 Work on Project Packaging

11/18 Work on Project Packaging

11/20 Work on Project Packaging

11/25 Thanksgiving Holiday, No Classes

11/27 Thanksgiving Holiday, No Classes

12/02 Work on Project Packaging

12/04 Critique Project Packaging

12/09 Course evaluation: Review of all work for semester

* This is a tentative course schedule. We may deviate from it somewhat as necessary.

Sketch books will be turned in periodically for this class, 40 pages every month


Sample Project from Class



Coffee or Tea Packaging

Create a logo and packaging for a new coffee or tea label.

Create a logo for a new coffee or tea label that will be sold in stores. Then create the package for it with 3 different favors or kinds that will be sold with it. As you create your logo and package keep in mind who will buy your product? who is your target audience? what kind of store will your product be sold in ? Walmart? a speciality store ect

Format: your choice

Color Mode: CMYK

Resolution: 300 DPI

Due: Logo mounted on black matte board

B. 3 labels mounted on 3 packages ready for photo shoot.


Oct 9th —assign project, start working on ideas

Oct 14th —look at Thumb-nail sketches of logo, (30 sketchs)

Oct 16th —3 refined logo sketches due

Oct 21th —coffee/tea sketches due 30 sketches

Oct 23th —3 refined packaging sketches due/ final logo printed rough due

Oct 28th —work day

Oct 30th —printed coffee/tea package due for rough critique

Nov 4th —work day

Nov 6th — final project due end of class.

Nov 11th —Critique and photos