Tennille Paden

Since early childhood I have had a deep interest in the arguably diverse topics of nature, history, technology, human relationships and diverse cultures. As a graphic designer, my education and career experience has allowed me to explore these topics in detail which has resulted in an even more profound interest.
Hello, my name is Tennille Paden. Born and raised in Montana, my early love of nature came easily.  Avoiding mountain lions on the way to the school bus stop and with snow piling up to the roof, innovation was a way of life.  The pioneering spirit which is still very much alive in Montana taught me to appreciate history and realize how much it ties in with daily living.
This education continued at York College in Nebraska.  Corn and wind was quite a change but I earned my AA degree exploring the concepts of art and learning how to incorporate my personal interests to make my work come alive. Next I learned about the technologies available in design at Harding University in Arkansas. After several years of hard study and appreciation of the striking fall foliage I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design.  Throughout my childhood and educational travels I had made many close ties with the mixture of people surrounding me.  It was one of those personal connections that led me to my first design job.  I was hired by Howard Books, a publishing firm, in Monroe, Louisiana where believe it or not, ‘gator hunting is legal for one month a year. After an eye opening five year career, the company relocated to Nashville without me.
My unquenched hunger for education prompted my next step. In the fall of 2009, I enrolled in graduate school at Louisiana Tech to earn a MFA in Communication Design and earned at degree in 2012. Then in August began teaching at Louisiana College were I taught for 4 years, learning many things about college level teaching and gain great ideas and insights. Then in 2016 May I took a sabbatical from teaching Graphic Design to go to Korea. I wanted to learn what it was like to truly live oversea in a different culture. So I moved to South Korea to teach english for about 9 months. The  different experiences were amazing, but this made me realizes that I do truly enjoy teaching design and want to get back to teaching what I feel is my calling.
The beauty of nature, the harsh reality of history, the wonder of technology, the joy of personal interaction and connection, and the stunning differences of culture in America and across the countries: these are the forces that have sparked my work, my education, my travels, my life.