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alligator in the closet

Well, my next set of prints I think went better. I have a couple of them to show. the plate that I made with photopolymer then the prints from the plate. I am using hand printing on these because of the transparency paper is delicate and it is also hard to work with the ink sit on top of the paper so have to be very careful about laying it down or it will smear on the paper.

As far as how these dreams go. Well it is the classic dream I had when i was little about there being gators in the closet so we had to keep the door open. The next one is from a computer game that I played growing up and of course if you did everything right you can conquer the world.


making first print for dream book

Well, I started working on my first plate. I am going to do a lot of these prints with a photopolymer printing method. So I have worked on creating my first prints.
Well my first two plates, they didn’t work out as well as I expected because I forgot to inverse out the image as is done with photopolymer printing and my plates are the opposite of what I thought they would be. Oh well it was just a test to see if I remember how and I guess I didn’t.

cover for dream book

Well I started on my thesis project because well that is kinda important for my last year at school 😛 yeah I know. and well the show is in April so I better get started….
So my thesis is on Hybrid Art which is just the mixing of traditional  methods and process with new technology. My work primarily deals with working in the adobe suits and traditional printmaking methods.
I started working on my book cover for my choose your own dream book and so wanted to wrap the cover of the book with some copper plate prints that I etched. So I made 2 different copper plate etches one that had a circular pattern and one that had a more rectangle pattern. I have printed these on Japanese paper, and I am going to wrap the cover of my book with the prints. The cover of the book will be more like a box because my book will be a book that binds on 4 sides, and you can have a choice to turn 1 of 4 different pages. So we will see how it goes.