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Photoshop filters

Well, today I want to talk abphotofilter1out my go-to photoshop filters. These filters are what I use when I first need to alter something or improve a picture that I have taken or has been given to me to use. In Photoshop I go to image, adjustments, then scroll down to the third section that starts with invert. I use these filters to start with just to get a feel for the picture. Depending on what is needed for the project depends on what I use on the photo. So to start with, I like to see what they look like in these filters.  One thing to think about is the if the image is high contrast is it will work well with filters like invert and threshold. A photo will lower contrast is going to work better with gradient map and selective color. Also if the image is needed in color, posterize gradient map, and selective color are good. If you need black and white images, then invert, or Threshold are a good place to start. The key to using filters in Photoshop is to use filters in combination. Use only one filter makes a photo look…well like you used a filter in photoshop.  When I am working on pictures and creating photo spreads I usually use 2 to 4 filters on the photos depending on what is needed and what the goal of the project is. So I have shown some of the filters in conjunction so that the difference can be seen.  In Photoshop there are a lot of ways to get an image to look a certain way, these are just so ways that I begin projects.